“You raise a question, we provide a solution”. It is just as simple as it sounds. BannerBio's scientists could solve your problems as long as you provide detailed descriptions of what you are looking for. For example, we can help improve solubility and bioavailability of ingredients; we can also enhance the color, odor and other physical and chemical properties of ingredients. Not only do we solve problems at lab scale, we can also take our solutions to mass production and therefore provide ready-to-use answers to you.


China is a treasure of botanicals and other natural resources. If you are interested in any special ingredients that you are not able to find in your own country, you are more than welcomed to consult BannerBio.

We not only help with sourcing, but also make sure that the ingredients you are looking for meet your quality standard. BannerBio provide perfect quality inspection services to ensure the safety and quality of products. Our data comes from a series of advanced analytical instruments and complete set of sample trial equipments. These devices are widely used throughout the analysis service process.


In addition to producing its own products, BannerBio GMP certified facility also provides OEM services.


In addition to the distribution center in headquarter Shenzhen, BannerBio also set up distribution centers in Los Angeles, California and New Jersey, Edison. If you have demands, please let us know as soon as possible, we will prepare the goods ready for you in the distribution center in advance. We could also export directly or by courier to meet your requirements for distribution methods. Our goal is to provide customers with fast, convenient and professional logistics and distribution services.