BannerBio believes in the harmonious coexistence of human and nature and always keeps the concept of "sustainable development" in mind. Therefore, BannerBio always obtain products from renewable resources in the nature. Both domestic and oversea plantation bases that BannerBio is working with follow the Good Agricultural Practices and pay full attention to sustainability and biodiversity.

BannerBio believes in the harmonious coexistence of humans and nature and deeply recognized the precious value of renewable resources in the nature which must be utilized scientifically instead of disorderly. Thus, respect for the environment , care for the environment is not only our choice, but also our duty.

We also believe that Mother Nature has created the best thing to protect the healthiness of mankind. With this understanding of health and nature, we obtain products from those renewable resources in the nature. Our domestic and oversea cooperation plantation bases are always standardized and meet the requirements of sustainability as well as biodiversity.

Since its inception, BannerBio has been committed to the optimization of process and resolutely reject the use of high energy-consuming processes in the production, use low energy-consuming technology instead, forming its own unique combination of technologies "ActXTract®".

BannerBio's policy of optimising processes and rationalising resources includes safeguarding water supplies, reducing air pollution and waste, and recycling and disposing of waste safely. All industrial waste from the production process is disposed of by authorised companies. Liquid waste is purified in a specialized treatment plant. All solvents are recovered after use in rectifying columns and then re-used in the production cycle after thorough analysis. Cooling water used in the production plant is also recycled and re-used.