Supplying our customers with the consistent products is BannerBio's goal. The implementation of GMP standard is the basis for the company's survival and development, it is the permit for the products to enter international market. BannerBio success comes from strict implementation of GMP quality management system. BannerBio has established a comprehensive quality management system to minimize the risks during the production process to ensure the product stability and consistency, to protect the interests of consumers, to ensure product safety, also to guarantee the production process in compliance with rules and regulations.


Quality assurance is part of the quality management system. The company established a complete quality assurance system to supervise all activities related to product quality, and to ensure that:

  1. The company's product design, development and production in line with regulatory requirements
  2. Production process and quality control activities are based on the approved operating procedures
  3. All ingredient suppliers should be evaluated and approved
  4. Raw materials and packaging materials are sourced from qualified suppliers
  5. Establish change control system, assess and manage all changes that affect product quality
  6. All materials and products are approved and released by authorized QC
  7. Review procedures at a regular basis, all procedures must be up-to-date.

Equipped with the appropriate professionals, testing equipments, the company established an effective quality control system and appropriate methods and control processes to ensure the accuracy of the testing results so that effectively guarantee the safety and effectiveness of the products.

  1. Equipped with appropriate facilities, equipments, instruments and trained qualified and experienced personnel to reliably complete all activities related to quality control
  2. Sampling, testing and observing stability of the raw materials, packaging materials, intermediate products, bulk products and finished products are based on validated and verified standard operating procedures.
  3. Sampling and keeping samples of raw materials, packaging materials, intermediate products, bulk products and finished products are carried out by authorized staff based on prescribed methods.