Quality products rely on professional research and development. BannerBio R&D centers are based in Shenzhen, China: (a) plant active ingredient research center and (b) functional factor microencapsulation technology research center.

Plant active ingredient research center is mainly focused on the extraction and separation of bioactive ingredients from plants and realization of industrial production. In pursuit of the most remarkable products, BannerBio researchers adhere to the most rigorous regulatory standards for all raw materials and production processes and keep innovating.

Our competitive edges not only come from the "environmentally friendly production process" and "reasonable cost control", is more from "the most excellent quality products."

Functional factor microencapsulation technology research center is committed to providing its customers with a technology upgrade platform far superior than existing forms for a variety of functional factors. Especially in powdering of liquid, masking unpleasant odors, protecting activity, rapidly dispersing and improving bioavailability. We have a wealth of experience and expertise to provide customers brand-new products and the most professional solution.

The advances described above in the two divisions which focus on (a) creating novel bioactive ingredients and manufacturing processes and (b) microencapsulation technologies have been and will continue to be possible by BannerBio's dedicated efforts to reach out to domestic and international experts with medical, pharmacy, nutrition, food engineering and other professional knowledge backgrounds who periodically have gathered at BannerBio to devote themselves to participate in the research and development of botanical bioactive ingredients and their subsequent microencapsulation.

BannerBio's leadership team of individuals with their well-established professional attitude and work ethic will continue to dedicate their lives to whatever research and development is necessary to produce the most advanced products that will provide practical solutions for its clients and society as a whole.

As a high tech company, BannerBio has always put much effort on research and development. Its R&D center has three tasks bear in mind:

  1. To identify, analyze, extract bioactive renewable ingredients from natural resources such as plants.
  2. To formulate the natural ingredients into forms that are more readily applicable to our customers—terminal manufacturers, using techniques such as granulation and micronization.
  3. To enhance the acceptability and bioavailability of nutritional ingredients via microencapsulation technology.