GrapsTract®-Oligos is a special grape seed extract developed and produced by BannerBio Nutraceuticals Inc.  It is featured with high proportion of small size OPCs which leads to improved  bioavailability, higher water solubility and lighter color.

Why is GrapsTract®-Oligos special?

GrapsTract®-Oligos and Brain Health
Grape seed extract is known for its superior antioxidant activity, ~ 50 times greater than vitamin E and 20 times greater than vitamin C. It has also been documented that grape seed extract can improve our skin health and cardiovascular system. GrapsTract®-Oligos, on top of that, has shown promising potentials to improve brain function, and alleviates symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease. Studies have shown that GrapsTract®-Oligos is able to cross the blood brain barrier and accumulate in brain tissue. Further studies shown that GrapsTract®-Oligos improved learning ability and reaction time in diseased animal models.

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